Borough Sea Angling Club
(Dun Laoghaire) Affiliated to the Irish Federation of Sea Anglers
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Dear Member What a year it has been, we never thought we would have anything like Covid-19 to endure. We were very lucky to have celebrated in time our 50th anniversary of the club in February last at Shelbourne Park. It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening with some winners on the dogs.
We had a very small number of club shore and boat competitions due to the virus. The Master shore managed to get sufficient number fished in time with the winner Graham Dungan. However the number of boat competitions that took place was not enough to have a winner.
And now a bit of good news - The Irish Federation of Sea Anglers are not charging for affiliations and registration fees for 2021. Our club will only pay for Insurance. The committee have also agreed not to charge any club fees for 2021, so members who have paid for 2020 will be paid up for the new season so keep your 2020 card for 2021.
What will happen in 2021 is anyones guess for our competitions but we have booked dates for the boats and hopefully they will go ahead. The club shore dates are provisionally arranged as detailed below. For the immediate future we can only fish 6 anglers on each boat - members were happy with the extra room on the one day we did get out this year. For 2021 with this in mind the Committee have agreed a charge to 70 euro for club boat entry fee. I will let you know later the two competitions nominated by myself as sponsor for the Norman Jackson Cup. I had telephone conversations with some members regarding dates for club shore competitions for 2021 and these were agreed. Competition fees will remain the same as previously.
I would like to thank our Covid officers, (Boat) Stan Ryan and (Shore) Donal Mullen for the excellent work they are doing on behalf of the club. Our priority is to keep members safe at all times. It is not possible to have Club meetings, so the Committee of 2020 will remain in situ and will make any urgent decisions when required. We may arrange a Zoom meeting in the new year. I would like to wish all members a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Tom Butler Hon.Secretary BSAC
Kilmore Quay Sunday 18th April
Kilmore Quay Sat 15th May
Kilmore Quay Sat 20th June
Wicklow 3rd & 4th July
Kilmore Quay Sat 28th August
MASTER BOAT 17th & 18th July

Saturday 20 March 2021 1st leg of Bob Reynolds cup
Saturday 24 April 2021 2
nd leg of Bob Reynolds cup
Saturday 8 May 2021
Saturday 26 June 2021
Saturday 24 July 2021
Saturday 14 August 2021
Saturday 11 September 2021
Sat/Sun 9/10 October 2021

Please note some of the above dates may change depending on Covid-19. Also a few competitions may be double events.